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To create an award-winning product we need to decide what will appear on the screen, in which form and interpretation.

Target Audience

One of the crucial questions to answer before outlining the concept is who will watch the video. Due numerous advertising objectives, the video message may vary from simple product shooting up to full-scale video stories.


Any visual material introduced by the brand or company is subjected to application in the future video. Among them one should provide logo and corporate colors and fonts palette, slogan/moto, banners and key visuals, company details if any (contact information).

Concept and Script

Having answers to all prior questions, our video production team alongside the assigned marketing specialist works on the concept of future video set. Brainstorming results in development of a few possible scenarios, passed for the client’s approval. Each script designed by our video production company reflects a core video message, set by the client.


After a video concept is approved, it’s time to make a deep dive into a creative process of production that is conducted by the best video operators in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The shooting time is minimized in case it takes place in the office or at sales points (not to disturb staff).


Once the shoot is finished, the final product will be carefully edited and corrected so as to take its final look. The process includes adding of effects, graphics, audio, sounds, musical underscores, and other supporting elements.


Various scenes and parts, taken during the shooting process, are assembled as required. Additionally, our video specialist applies necessary branding features, graphics and animation, texts and titles placement, etc.

Audio Effects

Mostly, branded videos and TVCs required extra sound design that might be voiceover, music track or specific sounds implementation.


When all edits are finished, a client evaluates the work done, from the first draft up to the final version.


Finished video might be optimized due various placements – blogs, websites, social media – that requires further editing.


If video is required in various languages, our video specialists apply necessary alterations and present a few versions.

Featured projects

Paramed Company Presentation

A video created for the most influential modern medical equipment players in the UAE region, to help them highlight the key areas of business and operational capabilities. view project
Paramed Company Presentation

PepsiCo UAE Innovation Challenge

Its always a great experience to cover a great initiative like the Innovation Challenge 2016 organized by Pepsico. The event was organized with an intention to empower the youths and promote innovation in the UAE region. view project
PepsiCo UAE Innovation Challenge


When you have an amazing office lit by Leviton lights and creative interiors to compliment it, the best thing to do is create a video to flaunt it. view project


Launchpad has been a part of many corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and our video definitely helped them to shout out loud about their achievements. view project

GRI. Workflow and technology

Have you ever wondered how rubber is made or moulded? We covered the end to end operation in a video to highlight the disciplined workforce and high tech machinery of Gulf Rubber Industries. view project
GRI. Workflow and technology

Mubarak Marine

Some shoots are normal and some in the middle of the sea! A video created to showcase the modernised fleet and professional crew members of Mubarak Marine at work. view project
Mubarak Marine

Why Choose Us as a Dubai Video Production company

If you’d like to:

    • Showcase your business or event in an entertaining way

    • Get high-quality media materials, including product reviews

    • Boost search engine rankings and Youtube channel

    • Retain customer loyalty and brand awareness

    • Strengthen your presence in social media channels

We will:

    • Establish resources, deadlines, and processes

    • Make your story from initial concept to the final cut

    • Use the best equipment that enables high-quality result

    • Conduct a professional video shoot

    • Improve your online presence via smart video solutions

How Does Video Production Assist in Business?

Issue: Your company sells products that require long, detailed descriptions, but visitors don’t want to read the texts and leave your website before catching any info.

Solution: In this case, we convert your written content into informative and interesting videos that will highlight the most important features of your products and present them in a creative manner. Video content is more engaging than text. It is easier to watch a 3-minute clip than to read a long annoying text. Moreover, a video will increase the time spent by visitors on your site thus improving your ranking in search engines.

Issue: You spend many costs on social media marketing but it doesn’t work well.

Solution: People share emotions, not texts. We will feature your account in social media with fresh ideas and create fun entertaining videos that will surely impress viewers and encourage them to make a share. According to statistics, 74% marketers make use of video in their promotional strategy.

Issue: Your company regularly hold events and you want to present them to a wider audience.

Solution: Our talented, professional video operators will make a full-scale video of your event, edit it and present to you as a ready-to-view product that will depict the unique atmosphere of the meeting and fully display every its stage. High-quality video will not only advertise your company but also become a profitable advantage among competitors.

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We deliver top-notch marketing videos through a qualified production process driven from the heart. Our team is trained to create the best possible product to our valued clients and allow them do not sink in the bottomless world of online marketing.
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