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Web site is a face of the company in the Internet. The main purpose of its creation is fulfillment and implementation of different tasks and goals. To create your own website means to make your business successful and recognizable. But the project to be successful, it is necessary to understand clearly all the stages of its formation.

The first stage – Planning of the site

During this stage, you have to determine the main goals and objectives of the resource, identify wishes regarding design and technological basis of the project, as well as to present and describe the target audience. This will give an opportunity to develop the most appropriate design for the project.

The second stage – Formation of technical specifications

The objectives are determined. The goals are set up! Next comes the turn of the creation of a detailed plan of development of the project. In the requirements of technical task should defined:

The main objectives of the site and its target audience

Structure, the number of pages

The work of dynamic modules

Design requirements (colors, use of corporate identity, the ratio of units of content)

Desired technology (HTML, Flash, PHP)

Technical requirements

The third stage – Site design

Based on the technical tasks and approved design concept, as a rule, professional programmers develop the structure of the database templates, site sections and interactive services. In design, it is important to display the main conception of the site, its corporate style, and differences form the main competitors.

The fourth stage – Site layout

Layout is a transfer of design, in the form of images, into the language understandable to the computer using HTML. Well laid out website will work correctly on all major web browsers and at different resolutions.

The fifth stage – Choice of CMS

This stage includes selection of software “engine” that will allow you to update any information on your site. If you will need to change the structure of the site, move or add new sections – the right type of CMS will easy solve these problems.

The sixth stage – Content writing

Content is all the information that should be present in the finished website for viewing by the user. Correct and unique content is the key to success of any website. In this step, the site is filled with all the necessary information by transferring it to a special format.

Seventh stage – Testing and Maintenance

After all the main works – site should be tested for errors. After that it is ready to be viewed in the Internet.

Contrary to popular opinion, the work on the site does not end after its creation. If your goal – to turn the website into a powerful marketing tool, then get ready to spread new information, to promote the site, to poll users and add new features.

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