How do we work?


Collection of overall and detailed information about the project, including client’s objectives and expectations, competitive edges of his product/service, and the target audience.

SMM Brief

The client provides all the necessary data in the form of short questions and checklists.

Audience Research

In addition to brief info, we explore the peculiarities of target audience and its behavioral trends.

Competitive Analysis

A detailed review of local competitors and their unique selling offers is performed.


Determination of client’s goals, KPIs and deliverables across social media documents (SMM Strategy, Content Plan and Advertising Strategy) that are basic during the entire project period.

SMM Strategy

Digital and SMM strategy experts determine features and prospects of the project in social media.

Content Plan

Our SMM agency prepares textual, design and video materials, outlined by date and topic. A future content plan is agreed with the client regularly.

Advertising Strategy

Selection of the most effective advertising tools is conducted due prior target audience research and client’s initial objectives.

Project Execution

Implementation of ideas and SMM tools outlined and agreed with the client during the Strategy phase.


As agreed, the content plan is regularly implemented and updated. Best social media practices are utilized in both, texts and media.


Promotional campaigns are launched and optimized due client’s requirements, seasonal trends or current special offers.


Regular analysis of achieved results, and their comparison to set and agreed KPIs.

Regular reports

Brief report on what has been achieved across content and advertising promotion, analysis of KPIs and budgets allocation.

Project review

Our Dubai social marketing company provides a comprehensive outline of their results that include suggestions and tips on further project’s development in social media.

Featured projects

Glasgow Medical Center, Dubai

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Glasgow Medical Center, Dubai

EliteStyle Policlinic

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EliteStyle Policlinic

Why Choose Us as a Dubai SMM company

If you’d like to:

    • Focus solely on business objectives and in-house processes
    • Cut financial expenditures on SMM advertising
    • Have a round-o-clock update on SMM progress
    • Draw attention of numerous customers daily
    • Adjust your business upon feedback from customers

We will:

    • Handle your marketing campaigns in social media
    • Use 100% and time-proven strategies to save your money
    • Provide an established team in the office instead of a few freelancers
    • Make use of creative, interactive and timely posted content
    • Reach out to them across any social network, anytime and anywhere


Issue: A number of our clients intended to boost sales, have no website or any other established presence online.

Solution: We start promotion with branded social feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In addition to daily posting, Ultra Web social marketing agency runs advertising campaigns, requiring no registration or online form filling on the site. Most of the inquiries and sales are made directly via social feeds functionality (comments, messages, and calls).

Issue: E-commerce projects commonly underestimate the power of social feeds, having them enabled to enhance brand awareness.

Solution: Ultra Web social media company will turn social media accounts of the clients, engaged in retail, into 24/7 customer support, whereas it is possible to communicate with leads and process orders directly. This way, both, business and its customers, can benefit from peer-to-peer communication on user-friendly and familiar platform.

Issue: Numerous clients have already tested advertising functionality of social network with zero conversion rate and negative ROI.

Solution: We make use of this experience and adjust it according to client’s initial goals – lead generation, direct sales, traffic growth, etc. Having considered settings and results of previous campaigns, future promotion gets more précised and focused, and the number of expected conversions is multiplied in terms of agreed advertising budgets.

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