How do we work?

Keyword research

With an advanced Keyword Research, we will identify all hidden paths that can bring highly targeted traffic to your website. It is all about investigating your marketplace opportunities and disclosing the most relevant queries. We will do a decent work then to make your website rank for these queries, which will generate more sales for your business.

Keywords that generate conversion

You only need to tell us what services/goods you are ready to offer on your website and we will find the keywords with the highest potential

Competitors Analysis

Want to know which keywords give your competitors most of their sales? We know how to get this information!

On-site Audit

High SEO results are impossible without making a “deep-cleaning” on the website – getting rid of all possible mistakes and gaps. Google has a wide range of demands that are applicable to every website on the Internet. And if a website doesn’t match the demands it has next to none chances to get through a wild competition in Google search results and fixate in Top-10 positions for the desired keyword. Fortunately, we know all these niceties that will make your website become “Google-friendly”!

Technical SEO

Duplicate URLs, 404 pages, redirects, canonicals and a lot of other technical stuff – we will fix every single issue on your website that may negatively affect its SEO performance in any way.

Content management

Your content should be not only unique but valuable and attractive as well! We will optimize the content and boost its efficiency both for SEO and conversion rate!

Google Search Console

GSC is obviously a powerful tool that can improve your website’s performance. We will set it up for you the way it should be set up.

Strong Backlink Building

When it comes to high rankings in Google search results, backlinks are still a crucial instrument. But this instrument can lead either to positive results or to sanctions from Google. Times of “Link Farms” and auto-generated backlinks are long ago and gone, and implementing these methods can now only get a website into trouble. However, a lot of UAE and international SEO companies still hold them as the main instrument for link building purposes. Unlike them, Ultra Web SEO service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi embraces clear and ethical link building including outreach, guest posts on relevant websites, press releases and other white-hat techniques!

Outreach strategy

The most preferable way of getting a link is when somebody posts it on his website because he finds it valuable. To get a maximum of such natural links we will launch an outreach campaign to introduce your website and its values to the most visible resources on the Internet in your niche.

Competitors Analysis

Which backlinks help your competitors have top positions in Google? Which backlink strategy works better for your niche? Our Dubai SEO agency will give qualified answers to these questions and take them into account while implementing a backlink building strategy for your resource.

Regular reports

Our Dubai SEO experts will provide transparent reports regarding everything that is done with your website on a regular basis. This will include details of your website performance in search engines for a proven keyword list, all changes on the website made with the purpose of on-site SEO optimization, the progress of link building efforts, etc.

Featured projects


Celmetro is a leading service in Dubai that specializes in iPhone / iPad repair. view project

UAE Driving License

UAE Driving License is a website that contains information regarding all driving schools and course in UAE and provides professional support in the process of getting UAE driving license. view project
UAE Driving License

Why Choose Us as a Dubai SEO company

If you’d like to:

    • To discover new opportunities for organic traffic
    • To increase conversion rate on your website
    • To rank Top-10 for the keywords you were always dreaming about
    • To increase an average time spent by users on your website
    • Increase your presence in local search results

We will:

    • Provide a thorough keyword research to determine new traffic generating queries, “low-hanging fruits”!
    • Revise the usability of your website and develop a proper decision
    • Implement a complex set of SEO decisions to outrank your major competitors
    • Write top notch articles that will attract more relevant traffic
    • Make an SEO analysis of your niche and make a better job than your competitors did!

How Does SEO Assist in Business?

Issue: You have a website where you sell your products or services, but your only visitors are from Adwords. You wonder how to get organic traffic.

Solution: We start a complex SEO campaign that includes on-site and off-site improvements, content writing, regular website analysis, etc. Positions of the keywords you are interested in ranking for are regularly monitored, and you will have an instant access to witness the progress.

Issue: Your website is a big business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or wherever represented online. You have hundreds or thousands of visitors from Google search results every day but feel that there can be more.

Solution: We make a deep analysis of website and identify its technical and usability issues. An unnoticeable detail may cost you regular loss of potential sales! None of these details will remain unnoticed by our SEO radars!

Issue: You have a nice website you spent a lot of money and effort for. But your previous SEO specialists brought your website to manual sanctions. Is it lost? Should you develop a brand new website?

Solution: No, absolutely! We have experience in Google sanctions cancellation for dozens of websites and we are sure that your website won’t become exclusion. Yes, it takes time. But we have an algorithm that guarantees getting rid of sanctions in 90%!

Choose your own package

Whether you own a small local business or represent an international company, there is a proper package for you that we are willing to show you!

Methods of SEO work are a bit different depending on what type of business you are going to promote. So do prices for them. We offer affordable SEO and price packages for anu type of businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, as well as in other locations.
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