Stars Dome Realty


Stars Dome requested us to build a website that would stand out and instantly attract and encourage customers to choose them as their realtor.

Visual Design


The homepage is arranged and designed in a way that allows visitors to immediately have a quick overview of all the options available to them. Firstly, they are able to narrow down their search based on area, price range and type depending on whether they are looking to buy or rent. Secondly, they can also have a quick glance at the top available properties, or simply search by collection or area. The design also includes a main bar at the top of the homepage that allows the user to read about the company and have a quick overview of various specific services offered.


Users can easily move from one page to another. The visitors are also able to have a quick view of all the properties before selecting any given one to access further details. The site was specifically designed in this way to save time and allow users to easily and quickly narrow down their preferences. The website also provides a feedback form under both the about and contacts page, as well as providing clear contacts and an inbuilt map to the company’s offices. This was specifically designed in this manner to encourage potential clients to get in touch with the company for assistance, which is the overall aim of the website.

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