We used to put many efforts into the process of writing a great piece of content these days. But does anyone read it until the very end? Is there any need to work hard on it? This article will help you to form a new idea of a good content for web.

According to statistics, there is only 16% of people who read texts from the beginning till the end word-for-word. So, how we can change this situation? What can we do to force people reading your texts?

The thing is, people do not want to go through the texts, reading of which takes too much time. They just skip or scan them. People do not want to be on the page too long. Even if they started to read, there is a chance that this article will be bounced halfway through its reading. What can we do in this case?

Actually, there is one old practice, which is usually used by journalists that can help you to deal with this problem. It is called “inverted pyramid”.

The essence of this practice is that the primary piece of information should be placed at the beginning of the text. Here, you just give answers straight up. Thereafter, you should focus on the sustaining information. It means that you have to elaborate themes that were touched in the very beginning. And only after that you can turn to the deep content.

People get used to read printed media. But we are talking about web content. So we have to figure out, how to make this deep content available from the beginning.

The fact is that we have to minimize interruption of the reader, using less number of commas, try to give answers in a short at the beginning, support easy scanning, enable interactiveness and relevance of context. To make article interesting for the web users you must cut it off. Hemingway app can help you in this matter.


You know, hypotext it is a good solution for people who tent to differentiate an information. It can be realized in the form of text blocks, which can be opened by users within the paragraph. Such scheme enables them to make a choice. People can choose what they want to read and when. The result of hypotext implementation is engagement increase.

We must care about our web readers and think about content we write to them.

Summing up:

  • Minimize interruption of the reader

  • Enable easy scanning

  • Support interactivity and contextual relevance

  • Use the rules of “inverted pyramid”.

  • Provide hypotext

  • Include in-depth content

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