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To launch a successful PPC campaign in Google Adwords that will accomplish your business goals, we will get to know your company, industry niche, and direct competitors.

Website Analytics

Evaluation of current marketing campaigns and outlining of positive and negative features of the website for the purpose of its further optimization.

Competitors’ Analysis

Proper analysis of direct competitors’ for a better understanding of the market sector and the ways of the conversion funnel improvement.

Targeting Settings

Keywords research, optimization of a semantic nucleus and campaign customization (based on region, PPC data, etc.) making sure you target right people, with the right language and right tools.

Strategy development

Development of advertising strategy based on the collected data to refine ad targets and outline which advertising elements will be enabled to reach the wider audience.


Being one of the leading PPC advertising companies in Dubai, we have a wide range of experience in setting of required tools for proper ads display.

Analytics Tools Setup

Organization of selected keywords into relevant campaigns, linking to Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics, Google Tag Manager, etc.

Creatives Development

Creation of texts, image banners, and other supporting elements to start remarketing of the advertising campaign.


Search and display remarketing are put into use.


Running of the advertising campaign through Google AdWords and other Pay Per Click Systems, featured with relevant keywords, most logical themes, right products and unique selling offer.


Testing of titles and call to action, highlighting the best performing advertisement.

Campaign Optimization

Once we have a positive data on campaigns, we start optimizing the ads to make them more efficient, working on the improvement of CTR (Click Through Rates), ROI (Return on Investments) and Conversion Rates.


Support and guidance required to accomplish the client’s primary business goals.


A deep analysis of stats and budgets to set focus on the most profitable elements of ads and ROI increase. Implementation of new advertising ideas.

Featured projects

Independent Advocates

Independent Advocates is a law firm, providing support in the field of civil, administrative, commercial, criminal, corporate, family, land, insurance and real estate law. view project
Independent Advocates

Elite Style Polyclinic

Elite Style Polyclinic is a private medical clinic based in Dubai that helps people to stay strong, healthy and beautiful. view project
Elite Style Polyclinic

If you’d like to:

    • To improve your brand recognition
    • To reach target audience and boost sales
    • To pay only for the relevant traffic
    • To take advantage of business opportunities
    • To have a total control on costs spent on advertisement
    • To improve performance of your current PPC campaigns

We will:

    • Provide a proper target audience exploration phase to reach the right customer
    • Evaluate your website and current PPC ads to optimize them
    • Identify relevant types of keywords people might type at each stage of the purchase cycle
    • Develop a creative advertising strategy for truly big launch
    • Implement the most effective tools and run a top-notch ad campaign
    • Track ad performance and find fresh solutions to grab the customers’ attention


Issue: Your website covers specific target niche and no SEO efforts have brought positive results yet.

Solution: We explore your target audience and set up an ad campaign with targeting to reach a definite group of people who are interested specifically in your goods and services. When utilizing a PPC, you have the ability to deliver your unique selling offer only to the audience that meet your specific criteria. If your company provides extremely targeted items, Pay-Per-Click is a great way to make sure your selling offer is displayed to the right viewers.

Issue: You run a new website and set a goal to gain an immediate traffic with minimum expenses.

Solution: PPC – is a great way to get traffic when you need visitors and need them now. Unlike SEO techniques, PPC management services can promote your business in search engines very fast. As soon as the ad campaign is approved, it is immediately displayed for millions of people to see. Hence, Paid ad works amazingly well with product launches, seasonal promotions, advertising of upcoming events, joint venture projects, and other similar business campaigns.

Issue: You want to promote and sell a specific product or service for the short period of time.

Solution: We provide advanced keyword research and establish a list of the most popular requests relevant to products and services you want to quickly popularize. Based on this data, we launch a short-term campaign and create buzz around the targeted product, service or selling offer to stimulate its quick promotion. Hence, PPC allows generating traffic within a few hours or even minutes of opening an account.

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