Otamena Club


The company was endeavoring to achieve a website, which was to summon the attentions of the frequent travelers on a large scale.

Visual Design

The intention of the website was to congregate the perennial travelers to the immense advantages of joining the Otamena Club. The process was advanced initially with the collective information of the expenditures that the said possible clients spent during their chronic travels around the globe and for services such as car rentals, trains, and cruises. An understanding was reached as to the offers the club would provide if the clientele joined the club. The website design was regal yet fundamental so as to appeal in an invigorating manner. The registered members would get up to 70% discount on the accommodation rentals and travel facilities as well as 60% discount on shopping.


The website is appealing and has an unambiguous structure. It has clear-cut sections like “About Us”, “Privileges” and “Contacts” which make it facile for the observer to understand the distinct advantages of being a member of the Otamena Club. The website has quick links to the various rental and service offers provided for the clientele. It also includes buoyant testimonials so as to be able to gain the trust of their clients.


The website’s incisive design coupled with its incredibly speedy load time enable the user to navigate from page to page very comfortably. The user is able to go to each section with ease. English and Arabic are the languages enforced by the website. The succinct visuals of the website showcase the luxuries offered for the members. Live Chats and emailing are the ways of connecting the potential clients with the website. Clients can register themselves through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Thus, the Otamena Club website enraptures its users with its expertise in artful marketing.

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