Best Dubai Tourism


We were asked to develop an attractive, interesting and functional website that will showcase the company’s services and successfully sell them.

Visual Design

We’ve created just an exemplary and outstanding website. Homepage background pictures are of the highest quality and depicting the best tour destination centers in the United Arab Emirates. The color choice is comfortably intuitive and attention grabbing, leaving the user with the feeling to dig into more details. All pictures have been supported with explanatory or “alt” text to give the user a gist of picture source. In addition, the pictures have been sequentially given automatic scrolling/flipping ability with an alternative scroll button to give the user ability to move to the next or previous image. What’s more, apart from the index page, all other pages have a common arrangement and division. This gives the page visitor an assurance of familiarity and with minimum suppresses.


The website is generally user-centered. It offers what the client would look for in such kind of a website. The user has been given the autonomy to scroll through images, choose a language they prefer and to a greater extent social media connectivity. The site provides top social media widgets: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they simply click to connect to the company’s social media pages and follow more details of offers. The social media widgets are conspicuously placed at the top and are easy to notice. Again, the website holds user participation and engagement in high regard by providing user comments, blogs and reviews of the destination sites by other sites like trip advisor.


This website is user-friendly: contact forms and offline messaging services give the user an impression that the company values their feedbacks. The booking process is direct and simple thereby attracting more potential customers. All reviews and blogs are well dated to allow the customer check the latest update. Links and other helpful information win the customers’ trust that they are actually in the right place to offer what they need.

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