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The launch of an official website was determined by client’s wish to enhance salon’s awareness online and establish digital marketing activities.

Visual Design

Web design works started with the development of Armonia corporate logo. Sandy brown colors and logo typography played a major role in further creation of the design concept, the focus of which was to put some contrasts and thus draw users’ glance.

One can notice contrasts in the background (common white and dark blue pattern), font sizes (normal and extra big for page titles), colors (brown, white and blue), etc. Above all, we have introduced some photo content to illustrate the variety of offered services (massages, beauty and wellness), as images and photos are known to establish and enhance personalized approach in digital marketing.

Unique balance of contrasting elements, normally contradicting each other, distinguishes this web design from commonly recognized designs for spa salons.


Armonia website is enabled with basic functionality that assures easy to use navigation across pages and subpages, and request forms delivery, as well as application of animated elements, featured in design concepts of the website.


Web interface layout is completed considering excellent readability and well-structured information delivery. Website is mobile-friendly, and available on very device and OS.

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