Today, the creation of the site is not just a simple process of software development, but an art of designing of a powerful marketing tool. Any company that has its representation in the Internet is doomed to success. But the site to be popular and profitable, it should be well-organized. Every separate detail plays a great role in the overall perception of the site. We have compiled a list of top ten tools that can turn an ordinary website into an effective sales tool.

  1. Logo. Without a doubt, every company, agency, organization or online store need to have a corporate identity, where logo is a key element. This will contribute to raising awareness of the company and the percentage of the formation of its visual image. Moreover, it is a form, which carries the information on the scope of your business.

  2. Font. Any experienced web developer will insist that within a site should be used only one font, in rare cases, two. As a rule, the fonts should be clear and well recognizable (for example, Times New Roman). User will be able to read a piece of information in a familiar to him format.

  3. Icon. It is no secret that the main trend of modern web design is simplicity. Dilution of the site with icons can be an excellent option to simplify and systematize it.

  4. Background. The first thing that attracts the users in the site is its design. The main and even a decisive component that determines the overall flavor of the website and sets the right mood is the background. The correct background may not only attract the attention of the client, but also raise the level of its usability.

  5. Infographics. Usually, people crave to get an information as quickly as possible, without wasting any time. In this case, it comes to the aid an infographics. This method of data submission has long won the good user acceptance. Charts and diagrams encourage customers not only to look through the material, but also to make an action.

  6. Video content. One of the most convenient and understandable form of goods and services demonstration is a video. Availability of online video on the site can help to increase its estimate by the search engines and make it more attractive. Also, it has a positive impact on the statistics page.

  7. Button. Button is a kind of call to action. Placing on the website “order” or “buy”, button, you motivate the customer to do it.

  8. Photos. Today, text is too simple way to present a piece of information for modern websites. People want impressions and emotions. Therefore, any, even the most boring information is necessary to dilute with the actual illustrations and photographs. It is important to remember that all the images should be unique not to receive the mark of resource with copy past.

  9. Feedback. Most people have no desire to understand all the details of the purchase on their own. Therefore, by looking at the site without video, images and infographics, they immediately leave it. The only thing that can hold their attention – an online consultant or form of feedback.

  10. Links and references. The presence of links on the site noticeably increases the traffic. Moreover, it helps to improve site navigation; to strengthen texts relevance, and to accelerate the indexing. Relinking may also serve a good protection of content protection from being copied.

Use these tools and you will see how effective your web business can be. After all, the more powerful, beautiful and functional website is – the more benefits it brings!

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