Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of the Internet marketing that uses various social media platforms to achieve marketing goals: creating targeted ads, secure content distribution, improved customer service and increased brand loyalty. Primarily social media marketing involves sharing content, images, and videos in social media networks. A while ago, advertising companies in Dubai used SMM as a temporary fad but today, it has become an invaluable tool given the surge in digital trends among consumers. Here are some benefits Ultra Web will help you achieve via social media marketing:

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Brick and mortar campaign methods like magazines, radio, television, and newspapers saw corporations reach a specific audience based on geographical locations or particular industries. Social Media Marketing provides marketers with parameters like age, location, gender, interests and consumer’s purchasing behavior to tailor their ads to the target audience.

Improved Customer Service

SMM has improved transparency between companies’ customer service and their clients. Thus, companies are more cautious about how they resolve complaints presented by customers on various social media networks. Negative remarks create a social unrest and negative criticism from followers while down-to-earth or responses attract even more fans.

Secure Content Distribution

SMM allow easier mass-distribution of content. Ultra Web helps corporations build eye-catching blogs and websites making it easy for fans to share content with friends and loved ones. Facebook campaigns and posts, for example, allow marketers to monitor their total reach (the number of people who saw your content) and engagement (using clicks and shares). Smart businesses use social media platforms not only to get results but also to qualify them.

Organic and Paid Social Media Marketing Methods

The social media platforms are constantly evolving. Initially, marketers used social media platforms to attract huge followings (increase engagement) using organic social media methods. However, increased user participation on new social media platforms like snap chat and demand for real-time content has led to a new digital social media trend: social media acquisition and conversion. The new social marketing era now, uses paid social media marketing methods rather than the old organic ones.

Organic Methods

Essentially, marketing in social networks used organic marketing tools where marketers emphasized on creating engaging content to attract a following. Marketers leveraged on the free SMM tools to set up and interact with social communities by sharing posts and responding to customer comments. Organic social media marketing thrived on the premise of permission-based marketing: a company’s product achieves publicity through great content.

Paid Methods

Paid social media marketing also known as interruption marketing involves creating posts that stand out in the cluttered social media newsfeed while establishing your brand. Companies have to pay to display adverts (whether images, content or videos) on various social media networks based on the user’s profile.

Paid SMM provides exceptional targeting capabilities but marketers ought to acquaint themselves with the different mindsets of social media users so as to fine-tune the message.

Both social media approaches require different strategies, but Ultra Web recommends applying the elements used in permission-based marketing as well as interruption based social media marketing to obtain optimal returns on investment.

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