Social Media Branding is one of the most powerful tools for creating internet awareness for a brand. If used in an intelligent and creative way, Social Media Branding can build strong personal relationships with both loyal clients and prospective customers. However, marketers often make the mistake of delving into Social Media Branding without a clear plan. This is where our branding agency comes to help!




We help you determine specific goals for your Social Media Branding Strategy. The first step in creating a successful branding strategy for social media is to find out how far you want to go. What is the purpose of the campaign? Do you want to highlight your brand or increase its popularity? Do you want to increase sales or traffic on your website, or both? Our role is to help you build a community of loyal customers and create active engagement with your online audience. These goals are not mutually exclusive; however, we should focus on clear goals.


After determining your precise social media branding goals with our help, it is time to set clear steps towards achieving the objectives. We focus on social media branding strategies to build goals and make sure that the steps to achieve them are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and consistent over time.

For example, if you are a B2B marketer who wants to increase sales, you can set a target of increasing online sales by 100% per month. On the other hand, if your goal is to promote your brand, you might want to increase the number of mentions of your brand on social networks by 50%. Whatever your business objectives are, we will help you work them out and make it achievable through explicit analysis.  Usually, we set time targets for our client’s social media branding strategy. For example, you can achieve a growth of 50% in popularity of your brand within the next six months, and not at an uncertain future.

Once we have defined the strategy of your social media branding campaign, we make measurable results. We help you discover the right tools to track and analyze each of them so that you can calculate progress. We will not only help you position yourself when you have achieved success but will also help you identify problems at an earlier stage and adjust direction if necessary.


You already have a target, but not the means. A successful branding strategy in social media lies in targeting the right people with the right messages. To achieve it, we will help you understand the audience. For example, if you want to reach young people who are fascinated by new technologies and mobile devices, you should not target all individuals in the age group of 18-35 years.

The best way to target the right audience is to create a client model. We will help you build a detailed profile of the ideal customer. First, we assign a name. How old is the customer? What is his or her income? Does he or she have any children? What does our ideal customer like and hate? What motivates him or her? And so on. You will find the answers to these crucial questions with our help. Once we have created the ideal customer profile together, we can create the right consumer model.


As for social media, your competitors can reveal a lot about what works and what does not regarding social media branding. They target the same customers. To explore competition, we start by selecting the top three or four competitors. We check out which of their social network accounts are active and examine the content they offer. We also determine competitors’ brand awareness and recognition on social media and consider cultural references used in their successful branding campaigns.

For example, if you are a surfing equipment producer or trader, we will consider whether your direct competitors talk about the qualities of their surfing gear at sea or publish inspirational videos that ‘accidentally’ include their brand. Then we consider how well each of the competitor brands is doing (like comparing engagement on Facebook – comments, shares, likes). This will help us determine which branding strategies are working well and which are not.


Once we have determined the ideal customers and competitors, we start building your brand message. Brand message borders not on explicit content, but rather on the main top-level messages that will resonate with social media audiences based on established models. We create original content, choose two or three key messages, and then split them into lower levels to set a clear hierarchy of brand messages.


Social media platforms are not similar. We do the job of selecting correct channels for your brand.

For example, while LinkedIn is an excellent platform for business-to-business branding, Pinterest may be a more suitable platform for those in the fashion business. Usually, Competitor research reveals the appropriate platforms, but we will also help you discover other successful branding opportunities neglected by competitors.

Additionally, we will explore influencers in your industry. Good bloggers build trust among readers and are indispensable in creating a buzz around the brand.


Finally, we will create a strong plan that will help your brand engage social media audiences. The content should be consistent with the overall message and channels we will use. Content is just as essential as brand information – we focus on how you can deliver real value to the audience. We do not limit our clients to one form of media. We use a combination of videos, guides, graphic materials, and others to help your brand engage its audience effectively.

Ultra Web is a reputed branding agency in Dubai. With our help, you are assured of a lasting presence on social media through regular publication of quality and original content.

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