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Detailed and turn-based strategy of development, as a rule, begins with site analysis, keywords selection, and ends with a description of specific actions to be taken to promote the site in the Internet. The main aim of SEO-strategy not only to identify the problem, but also to find an effective solution.

SEO- strategy is the producing of clear site development plan in the net.

Our team has a successful experience of the site management in the CIS countries, the US and the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, we can say for sure you will get an acting algorithm of site promotion.

It is self-evident that, Thoughtful Action Plan is a kind of insurance in case of failure. After all, search engine algorithms can change, and old techniques will no longer work. In fact, the creation of SEO-strategy leads to an increase in profits and the percentage of popularity of a web resource.

It is important to note that, SEO-strategy is closely linked to the objectives, resources and methods. Firstly, it is better to define problems and to set some objectives. Without any doubts, you should know how many visitors you want to visit your site.

It is important to remember, that different companies offer different budget for website promotion. In this case, it is necessary to set appropriate goals that will match the amount allocated.

After formulation of the main aims and selection of the budget it is time to choose methods by which will be carried out major goals. Specialist in accordance with the objectives of the work site must carefully select each of them.

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