Landing page or in other words a lander is the single page that user reaches after clicking on an advertising banner, link or shares. The main purpose of these pages – to force the client to make an action: to order the product, to leave the contact information or to register.

Internet marketing is an integral part of e-commerce. The main purpose of a marketing company, to make the interested user – happy buyer. In the Internet marketing, this process is called conversion (lat. Conversio – transformation). Landing Page promotes this conversion.

Also, landing page is a good way to analyse user’s activity and in such way to determine the success of advertisement.


  • Firstly, any site visitor sees bright banner, beautiful ad or link

  • Then, intrigued, he clicks on the icon

  • Finally, in response to clicking appears a landing page where the customer leaves his or her data, or makes a purchase

This mechanism helps along to increased profits of the company. The more customers will click the link – the more site owners will have a chance to sell their product or service


  1. The main Page

Some sites call the customer to make an action from the main page. This approach is particularly relevant for those projects that provide only one service.

  1. The site page

This type of landing page is the most popular. Here, landing page is placed on the one of the site pages to attract the user’s attention to a particular product or service

  1. Micro site

It is an additional site of the main web platform. Usually, the large companies create micro sites, in order to allow the user to choose a convenient navigation and structure.

  1. A separate landing page

This is the case, when the target page is markedly different from the main site. Businessperson who wants to advertise their service mostly uses individual landing pages.

It is worth to remember, that the landing page is not the main representation of the site. It is rather a continuation of marketing campaign.

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