This article will help you get to know where to invest, which strategies to use, and how to achieve the targeted goals.

This year, marketers are experiencing the most fruitful times and the main deal is customer experience (CE). If you are able to create an upstanding and faithful CE – then be ready to reap the benefits of your marketing efforts.

Autopilot, a leading marketing automation company in Australia, has interrogated marketing leaders to find out in which direction they are going to invest in 2017 and what tasks are considered to be a priority. Below, you will find the results of their research. The report was based on a survey of 505 professionals from the USA responsible for making marketing decisions.

Most companies successfully deal with the task to define their ideal customer. However, in most cases, the data doesn’t give a clear picture of difficulties, which customers can face on the conversion funnel. Due to this fact, it would be great to have an instruction or story about all the customers’ moves. In business, this tool is called “Customer journey map”.

Customer journey map – is the history of customer’s experience, starting from the first contact, through the engaging process, ending with long-term relations with the company.

According to the study, 71% of high performers have created their customer journey map, while stating that this initiative is boosting collaboration, client satisfaction and driving positive results. Only 4% disagree or are neutral to the strategy.

Those who have developed a customer journey map admit more personalized client engagement and growth in business. Marketing therefore plays a crucial role in business development and promotion these days. So do not lose your chance and dive further.

Top-question: Where should I invest?

Statistics shows that 30% of marketers are planning to invest in paid advertisements first, and 30% – in customer events. Also, they are interested in email marketing, content development, social media channels, and loyalty programs for customers.

It is worth noting that high performing marketers mainly invest their revenues in marketing and events for customers, loyalty programs, and analytics.

Customer experience – is the user response actions that arise after any contact with a website.

Most of top specialists and marketers are still implementing marketing automation (MA) and consider it a critical component of scalable, automated communication with the client. MA systems deeply interact with the clients and can initiate conversion of a potential customer into loyal one. It should provide the detailed information about the client, specifying all important details.

Other successful cases to grab and engage new users are:

  • Deliver helpful information that will fully answer the customers’ questions;

  • Create behavior-oriented content on the basis of past data;

  • Provide convincing experience through various channels: (email), web, in-app.

Personalize your marketing.

81% of marketers use the following sources to make their marketing personalized.

Filmographic data – are sets of characteristics that help companies to divide their target market and find their ideal customers.

Statistics shows that 83% of those who use in-apps as a source for data collecting and 79% of those who leverage online behavior state that the strategy of personalized marketing deploys more effective real-time and prolonged customer experience, while only 54% do not consider it at all.

Summing it up.

This year is going to be a customer-focused. To reach goals, marketers should take into account their needs and behavior features. The data shows that customer experience is an essential part of the successful company promotion and now you know that! Start acting!

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