Creation of the site is quite difficult and relatively long process that that is occurred in several stages, in which you progress from the usual idea to a functioning website or an online store.

It is a process in which usually are involved several specialists. For the project to be successful, you must follow these stages.

1. Marketing planning.

Before you start worrying about the web site development, you must figure out with the main purposes and which results do you want to get.

2. Technical Planning

After that, you should pay attention on questions, concerning the work of navigation and software components. Here, you have to choose a domain name, which will match the company’s name (if it is business web platform) or the most suitable one to the conception of your website.

It is important to note, that domain name should be brandable, memorable and catching. Also, you have to examine all the possible ways how user will manage your site, what he will have to click to get to the target page etc.

3. Design

It is one of the most difficult stages. Here, you can ask for help qualified specialists, who will fully display specifics of the site and its corporate style. Also, you can use ready design templates.

4. Website Layout

Layout is a process of formation of the web pages. In other words, it is a transfer of design, presented in pictures into HTML-code.

5. Installation of software modules (CMS)

A major task is the choice of software “engine” which will allow you to update an information on the site without the mess. Sometimes we have a need to change the structure of the site, to transfer section etc. In this case, it is better not to chain yourself to the certain technology.

6. Filling of the site with special content

In the case of using CMS, filling process becomes quite simple. Of course, it still takes some time. The only thing you should pay attention this is the willingness of the texts themselves. Very often, this stage is the cause of the most significant delays, so it is best to take care of this in advance.

7. Testing

Despite the fact that testing takes place at each stage of the project, the final test is necessary. What you have to check? Do all the modern browsers will show the site?

Do all the necessary materials are available? Are all the software components work smoothly and clearly?

8. Putting finished project on the Internet

Then, when testing is completed, there comes the moment of placing the site.

Contrary to popular belief, after the site is laid out, the work does not end with him. If your goal is to turn your website into a marketing tool, then get ready to upload new material, promote your ready website, interview visitors and add new functionality they need.

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