Today, Facebook is one of the most powerful social networks that hits almost all the ratings on the number of visitors. Not surprising, here are gathered hundreds of millions of users, who every day make posts, share an information and send messages. Such activity can be useful for any business who wants to advertise its name.

Facebook users can see all the proposed notification when someone makes a post to the Group, accordingly driving traffic. Users may unable these notifications, but if your content is truly valuable, they would not.

Groups on the Facebook involve more organic traffic than pages. You need to put many efforts to make unsurpassed content for successful page.

As for the Facebook Groups, the situation is much easier. The thing is Facebook Groups may run themselves because their members share an existing information with others. So it is important to be active here and avoid spam.

Now, let’s turn to the main steps of building the quality group on Facebook!


We are not going to talk about the detailed guidance of group creation. We will talk about the context of the group.  If you have not a brand name – do not make a group about you. Try to find your own theme that will make a clear image of your business.

If you are holding a bakery – your group should contain some recipes, cooking recommendation and holiday treats.

If you own an Internet shop with military clothing, create a group with an information for strike ball players, soldiers and members of martial arts.

If you own digital company, create a group with web news and advises for programmers and web developers.

If you create a quality group – it will help you to achieve unbelievable results!


Groups and communities need to be oriented on the activities that their members are engaged in. You have to try to earn the trust of your readers. That is why it is not recommended to promote yourself, your business and links until this haven`t done.

How to build trust? Of course, by providing quality content!

Content should be unique and native. Hold off the promotion of blogs, links and any other external resources. Make polls, video uploads, and special images exactly for your group.


Facebook groups are easier to move on than Facebook pages. But it doesn`t mean that you haven`t put any efforts for that. As any other business, group promotion should be well organized and consistently improved.

Some rules that you need to know to build successful Group

  • Involve influential people

  • Don`t add users without permission

  • Invest time, energy and resources

  • Tag the members of your Group in posts

  • Promote your Group on your personal or business site

  • Make “gated content”

  • Encourage Group members to mark all kinds of spam

  • Make rules

  • Involve full-time moderator

If you are going to build a strong and engaged group, we highly recommend you to take into account our recommendations and apply them on your own community.  Make success, be success and it will find you!

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