New and perspective network opens new opportunities!

Google plus is a relatively young, but quite perspective social network. This network, like others, allows publishing posts, adding video and multiple images, sharing the information and viewing the news feed. Thanks to the authority of the company, Google + already have its public. It means that all the users of the this network are fans of the corporation “Google”.

The main pros of using social network Google + are user multiplicity, innovation and the ability to hold video conversations. These components will be very useful for the promotion and advancement of the business in social media.

Also, Google plus provides the ability to offer a certain information to different groups of people. This feature is very beneficial and effective marketing tool. Identifying the target audience, you can differentiate the information of interest. It is okay for news generation.

Another advantageous feature of Google plus is a video chat. It is important to know, that this supplement allows users to communicate online, share videos from Youtube, open access to the PC screen, create documents and record the conversations.

Just imagine, you no longer need to collect people in a particular time and place. Now, you can hold a videoconference, interview or webinar just using the social network. It is very convenient!

There is one more thing you have to know about “Google +”. It offers to use “news feed” from different sources of the World Wide Web. The thing is, such feeds can be viewed, saved and used in different time. In turn, for marketers, it can be a very useful tool. After all, getting “in the subject”, according to the line of the  business, automatically makes you the advertisements.


  • The novelty of the web platform

  • The vast number of users

  • The best place to advertise

  • Good promotional perspectives

  • Ability to communicate by webcam

  • Have the thematic news feeds

  • Integrated service “Google Documents”

  • Youtube video channel

  • Ability to demonstrate your screen to other participants

  • Differentiation into groups

Do you still doubt about the effectiveness of social network “Google plus”? Then, the international company “Ultra Web” is ready to prove the opposite!

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