Twitter is the social network, which sees up to 500 million posts every day, 92% of which includes active links.

For someone to get some traffic from twitter is very difficult task. Others do it with ease. We commit ourselves to teach you how to make form usual tweet – a real tool of active sales.

Marketing on Twitter is undoubtedly the best way to attract target traffic to your site.


Firstly, Twitter attracts almost all categories of people, which makes it possible to find a large audience from your niche.

Secondly, Twitter, along with such a useful tool as Tribeboost, may help to find the typical audience.

It is worth remembering that marketing in Twitter works only on the condition of well-planned tactics.



Let’s look at how Twitter works in the context of your overall content marketing strategy.

Twitter, as other social networks promotes basically the best content. It is not limited only by the blog post. In fact, it is part of a deeper strategy, where these posts just support valuable offers.

Our point of view is this: All starts with a strong content!

Here is a secret: not all of the content that you post on Twitter must be “native”.

The essence of our strategy is to share the best of the best from the network. This can be both  your content and content of other users.

But before we will learn why this practice works, let’s look at the two main tools that will make the process much easier. They are Tribeboost and Buffer.



Tribeboost and Buffer – these are the best tools for Twitter. Despite the fact that they are paid, we strongly recommend them. Believe, the benefits far outweigh the costs, even for start-ups and small businesses.

Tribeboost use your selected keywords to find your target audience on Twitter using other keywords, hashtags and mentions. Further, it narrows the list based on user biography, location and so on.

Tribeboost automatically adjusts your account so that you would be able to follow “selected” users. Percentage of feedbacks is significant.

Buffer is a toll for planning posts in social media that allows save and publish them in the most “fruitful” time.

Having the right tools is certainly useful. But there is no guarantee that they will ultimately increase traffic. Therefore, we present you marketing tactics, which will surely attract more traffic to your site!


Tactic # 1: Be visual

Many companies underestimate the benefits and advantages of images. Right picture replaces notonly thousand words, but a thousand views, but on the condition if it is relevant, informative and intriguing.

You will get much more reposts if you use your own image to illustrate «how-to» post or tell a story. Try these services to make infographics: Picmonkey, Piktochart.


Tactic # 2: Be real

Do not repost what the majority share. You will never attract the traffic and reputation for innovative thinking, if you act templates. Share unique content that fully reflects your values and beliefs. Thus, you will communicate with people who will fully share your interests. Finally, they will become your most loyal fans.


Tactic # 3: Be straightforward

Do you want reposts? Are you dreaming about links? Do you want people to read your last post, because it is the best thing that you wrote this year? Then do not be afraid to ask. You’ll be surprised how many people wish to show their appreciation (but ask mannerly).


Tactic # 4: Be intriguing

Use Twitter, to make a prior release of your latest e-book, or a piece of content. But do not tease users.


Tactic # 5: Be minimalistic

Smaller means more. On Twitter, fewer characters lead to more interactions. Tweets of 100 characters are more likely to get the Like or repost.


Tactic # 6: Use stories

You can have only 140 characters, and awesome images, but nothing compares with an interesting story!

If you want to force people to visit your blog leaving Twitter – lure by compelling headline!

Tactic # 7: Tweets often


Someone queues 30-50 tweets per day, using Buffer application. Some people are chatting. Someone puts jokes and funny memes. Find your style, make frequent, quality posts and success will find you!


Tactic # 8: Share useful and effective content

This is content that people like to repost.

Many companies and businesses are afraid to “give their content” for free. But it’s not right! Publish your brightest ideas, the best tricks and the most effective methods means to win user trust and build a good reputation.

Additionally, if your article will get a large number of reposts – it is likely to be published on Buzzsumo, Nuzzel and the Pocket, which will lead to even more reposts.


Tactic # 9: Get friends and share their content

Find people whose ideas inspire you and share their content. When you admire sincere, you get the chance to explore an entirely new audience, by means of a man who believed in your commitment. Look for real friends and mentors. Do not be afraid to do this!



The secret of success in Twitter – wins quality!

And quantity, too; but basically quality. Just as in any other form of marketing, the goal is to find the right people and give them what they want.

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