In recent years, the emotional influence of companies on the consumer has grown rapidly. Not surprisingly, when the brand is able to make sincere connection with the client, something incredibly powerful happens.

Apart from the impact of fleeting, this relationship provides the basis for long-term cooperation with the brand and the customer`s loyalty.

The average consumer in today’s market is exposed to more than 500 advertising messages every day. People can make decisions in just 1/20 of a second. However, they are already tired with all this stuff, like images, banners and advertising slogans. They want to get an emotional connection with the brand instead. In the end, those companies that are able to sincerely communicate with customers will have more benefits than those who do not.

We have to use marketing as a unique chance to build relationship with the client. We have gathered four effective methods that will help you to realize it.


Transparency and honesty are those things that companies cannot fake. The modern consumer expects a lot from the brand he chooses. This is not just a quality product or service, but an excitement, communication and involvement in the marketing process. All this can be done with the help of original, relevant and meaningful content. Focus your attention on wishes of your target audience. Do not create content just to advertise your products.

Establish communication with the buyer

What if you do not have a good reason to get the customer`s trust?

Just make the polls!

For example, video hosting «Wistia» to get useful feedback, created a video with the participation of all employees of the company under the name of “What would you like to learn from Wistia?”. This company is an entertainment brand just because they want to. Industry of video hosting is not so attractive and interesting, but they found a way to build a relationship with their customers.

Instead of going with the generic gift card or iPad raffle, as the main motivator they used something that is inherent to their views and interests.

Their creative personality and natural brand authenticity is present in everything they are doing. This, in turn, creates an instant emotional connection with customers, which will be maintained for a long time afterward. Wistia does not make it to market. It is part of their culture.


If your company is not connected with the creativity, it does not mean that you cannot create an emotional connection with the customer. You just might have to spend more time on searching.

Emotional connection, of course, comes from the authenticity, but it also comes with a common interest.

In boring industries, you can try to find common ground with the customer by extending the random ideas. It is a great way to show that you are brand who cares about customer`s opinion.

You also can stimulate an emotional connection by means of joining, supporting and sponsoring social events that are not related to your industry. But then again, you have to be honest. Support something in what you really believe, regardless of the recognition or non-recognition of your customers.

LISTEN and respond with ACTION

It is not just about the possibility of the client to express their views and wishes on the subject of your company. You must show that you have heard them, responding through action. When you really listen to someone, you get his or her trust. It is much more important than respect.

Verbs “to listen” and “to communicate” are not synonyms. You just have to give your client chance to participate in marketing research of the company.

Customer’s responses increase sales

Imagine a huge online clothing store that has made a mistake with the order. In an attempt to humanize the brand, the company is creating a test that should determine the most effective way of an apology to customers.

The first group have got a gift certificate for $ 50. Second group received a personal phone call apology. The experimental results showed that personal contact with the client, not a gift card or an e-mail, and real human conversation was more effective.

This scheme does not work for all types of companies, but you can try to find own unique way.


In his book titled “Permission marketing” Seth Godin first touches the topic of content marketing. Create something valuable to motivate people to provide you with an email address.

The problem is that we are constantly competing for the right to be seen among many other companies. For this reason, to get the conversion has become a very difficult matter.

Every week, buyers get more than 80 billion emails and spend up to 200 million hours on YouTube. Consumers have an opportunity to observe a huge amount of content. They are tired of the endless stream of letters.

Conversion is “by-product” of excellent relations. Relationships built on empathy, transparency and integrity will last forever.

The key to creating of converting content is relationship optimization, but not the transformation of the user into a buyer. If you do not care about the customer, your e-mail address does not merit even a short.


Every interaction with the customer has its pitfalls. Every action, every promotion and advertising, you promise them to provide something valuable. Each time the user chooses your company, downloads an information or subscribe an agreement, he is obliged to make order from your company.This “promise-purchase” scheme is actually the basis for further, more in-depth cooperation.

Users browsing online up to 150 million blogs and 500 million tweets per day. The variety of content selection is endless, so you have to give them a reason to engage with you. You have to deliver on their promises and fulfill their expectations. You cannot afford to forget about your customer. After all, they are under the constant influence of promises, links, advertisements and reminders that they have many, many options.

All you need to do is to continue provide users what they expect from you!

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