Content marketing is something that helps us to get a traffic. It is a great opportunity to attract target audience and to increase sales. However, do we know a lot about it? How does it works? We have gathered five broad steps of content marketing improvement, which will break your imagination about it!

  1. Research and idea generation

We used to think that only new ideas could make content unique and interesting. However, this statement is rather misconception than truth. The thing is that the most successful ideas come down from the past. It means that we have to look for inspiration in what others have done, and do better. New ideas are good, but you should not put yourself under the pressure to come up with it.

The first thing you have to do is to find you content competitors.

Then, it is recommended to find stories and topics of the websites with wider audience. It will show you a clear pattern of the most popular texts.

Data sources will be also useful in the process of content formation. It can help to create a piece of content that can be separated to publications.

Also, it is important to find a visual content. In that case, if you will find the images that looks pretty good you can try to do better.

  1. Idea validation

You will never know exactly whether idea is good. That is why you have to follow the main principles to make it better.

Simplicity. An idea should be simple enough to be understood.

Surprise. An idea does not have to be new for 100%, but it should be unexpected.

Credibility. An idea have to be credible. This can be shown in the form of credible data or credible author`s opinion and other forms of formal proofs.

Emotion. An idea should be emotional to attract attention and to be remembered by the reader.

Story. An idea should arouse an interest. Story can help to realize it.

  1. Production

Producing a piece of content, you have to remember about its functioning. The very first task is to find the right idea and only after that try to find ways to present it (in the form of infographic, images of other).

Also, it is important to note, that content become more mobile-centric. That is why there is a need to produce content, which would perfectly work on different devices.

  1. Promotion

Promotion is as important as production. You should spend time on it as possible as you can.

Paid promotion can be realized using different platform, social channels and so on. It is used to get content in front of bloggers, writers, journalists, and influencers. Also, paid promotion is a good way to increase the generation of social shares and links.

I turn, earned promotion is a traditional link building. In this case, you have to find a list of influencers, journalists and mainstream channels, to contact them in order to advertise your content.

Owned promotion can be realized by means of different social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest) or existing blogs.

  1. Conversion and tracking

In this variant, we cannot convert someone into a buyer, but we can capture a visitor`s e-mail and target them into Twitter or Facebook via email marketing.

Moreover, you can comment piece of content, share it, advertise your goods and services there, advertise future content pieces and so on. This will also help to increase chances to get success in the process of content formation.

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