Domain is a certain area in the system of the domain names, which has its own title. In simple words, it is how your site can be identified on the Internet.

Domain Name System is a hierarchical. They come in different levels and you can choose any of them depending on the tasks and goals.

It is important to remember, that the domain name is unique. Therefore, its selection should be given due attention. Such names are created for better Internet search of the site. After all, the common name, which consists from the letters, is easier to remember than a set of numbers and dots.

Selection of the domain name – is one of the most important stages of the life of the web resource. From the level of its simplicity and accessibility, depends the awareness and popularity among users.

A domain typically consists from the set of symbols of the Latin alphabet. It is very convenient! Almost all Romance and Germanic languages use this set of characters.

The name should be short and readable. Because of this, it will be easy to find it among the general mass of other items. In fact, this is in some way a description of the business signs. It should encourage the client to make a choice in your favour!

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  • It has several levels (1-3)

  • The shorter, the better! The user will never make a mistake when entering, if the name is succinct

  • A domain name must consist of the Latin characters

  • They are designed for easy address lookup site

  • The most popular domain level – the second one.

  • Descriptive names. If you lead an international business, the registration of territorial domain will be not okay (ru, ua, us, etc.)

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