The main goal of Google ranking system is try to reflect the real state of affair in the world. It is realized in such way, that the most popular companies, who are regarded by users, as the most popular, Google try to reward, thus placing them on the first pages of the local search results. That is what exactly users want to see too. After all, if we had a chance to see all the ratings of all the companies, we would rather choose those ones, which are in the top of this list. That is why the reputation of the company is very important factor on the way of getting client`s appreciation.

Today, in the era of the Internet, almost everyone have at least one mobile device with them all the time. We can gather an information, share it and recommend whenever we want. That is why the progressive users, while considering the purchase, can look through the history of any company and learn about the experiences others have had there.

People try to find “the best or something” rather than just “something” and this is your chance to be chosen by them! We have gathered the techniques that can help you to develop good reputation

  • Get company-wide buy-in. Every person within the company must be commited to request for customer`s feedbacks and politely listening for spheres that can be improved in an appropriate way. Always remember, that you should all the time try to find ways to improve your business, even if the most satisfied customers are very likely to put ideas for your consideration. Take this as a positive gesture from them.

  • Try to identify and mitigate problems as soon after the customer had contact with your company as possible. It means that you have to learn from your customer as much information as you can to delight the problems. Allow customers to make complains straight on your website. Even the most successful companies have bad reviews and recommendations. Do not afraid to be rejected by someone. Sometimes people want just to speak out. Give them an opportunity to do this. You can do it by providing some chats on your web platform that will be hidden from the public eye. Check your on-site complaints and fix them immediately.

  • Always thank your clients and ask about their emotions and feelings after the visit of your website. For this, you can use phone, e-mail and some local chats. Do it within a few days after their first interaction with your site. Ask them questions, connected with improvement of the company and try to get any suggestions they can offer. You will be surprised how creative and effective ideas of your clients can be.

  • Ensure an appropriate response to the comments your clients. Tell them that every new comment is the way they help to improve your business. Politely ask satisfied customers whether you can use their comments on your website. Suggest them to share experience, they`ve got on your site with others. Politely address the concerns of those who had negative experiences.

  • Always think about the needs and wants of your customers. Remember that you have to satisfy clients. Do everything you can to develop your business. And finally, if you follow these recommendations, your offline and online reputation will be growing up every day. Just try it!

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