Forget notions “content marketing” and “SEO content” that you have known before. You have completely change the vectors of direction and the attitude to the concept of “content.” It is not an addition or a separate phenomenon. In fact, it is an integral part of the user experience.


Attention! Achtung!  Your site is infected!

Virtually every organization or company perceives the content as an incurable disease. What are they doing? They try every possible way to hide it away from the website. Where do they hide it? Of course, in the blog!

They misunderstood the meaning of “content.” This is not what we are writing in order to be in the top resuts, it is not “infographics” or even long “reflections on the theme.” Content is nothing more than a dialogue with the audience.

Product Description? Content!

History of the company? Content!

Images? Content!

Video from corporate party, that someone have posted on your site two years ago? Content!

If someone says something about you or shows or interact in some other way – is also content!


We all need to change our attitude to the content. Think of it as part of the user experience, and not as a disease of the skin.

  • Integrate content that can improve the user’s experience

  • Optimize what you already have on your site


Combine and integrate similar information. Combine advertising and information. Advertising includes descriptions of products or anything that “sells” the idea or make a call to action. Many organizations are afraid of this. They believe that it will scare off customers. Nevertheless, this is not happening.



Links to relevant positions allow interested visitors to deploy additional details. They can get experience, learn why one product may be better for them than the other may, and perhaps even to understand that people choose a product in the same way as they do.



Use social content! Give people links directly to the product page! Insert the illustrative examples on the native site!

If you have someone with a decent video on YouTube, involve them.

Optimize what you already have on your site!

Your site is already filled with the content.

You can deny it. But it’s true.

So why not to optimize what you already have?

Write worthy descriptions!

No matter you are selling something or promoting – do worthy descriptions!

Do not be ashamed

Make sure that your text is contrasting and readable. Put it somewhere that the user be able to see it. Do not hide it!

Guide me when I’m lost

Please do not redirect a buyer for a category page without explanation.

It’s annoying!

When someone is looking for the product, which is no longer commercially available and clicks on the description – provide a page with an apology or explain why it happened.


Last step: You need to introduce all this with the help of technology. You should be able to do all this with the right tools.

Getting Started

Practice optimizing the user experience through your content. By the term, “optimization” we does not refer to “stuffing keywords”, as long as the reader will try to get rid of it! This means to the “optimal combination of advertising and informational content.”

Finally remember, content optimization stimulates interest, involvement and ratings!

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