Tulipano Decor


We were asked to create a stylish and highly visual platform that will impress viewers at first glance.

Visual Design

Taking into the account specifics of the business, we came to the conclusion that the website must be performed in natural, soft shades, highlighting the elegance of every offered item.

The main focus of the company was to give users visual information presented in a form of high-quality photos made by professional photographers. These were also used as the background of the homepage giving the website unique style and personality. Each detail is carefully considered and refined until it perfectly embodies the final result.


The menu items are placed at the top of the homepage and are limited to 6 sections. While scrolling, one can see other website sections including company`s offers, prominent “About us” section, the latest projects, contacts, chat bold and social media buttons at the bottom.


The website is easy to navigate: it doesn`t require extra scrolling and hasn`t elements that can negatively affect the page load time. Tulipano Floral Décor website correctly runs on different resolutions. There is a chat bold that allows visitors to leave their personal details for feedback. Also, we`ve integrated social media buttons that promote company among the wider audience. In addition, we`ve made everything possible to develop a website that will deliver the right message to the customer and boost company`s profits.

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